About the Author & Artist, Vaughn Wilson

About The Author- Vaughn Wilson

Author & Artist, Vaughn Wilson

I got my first horse when I was twelve, and I haven't been horseless since.
I can't be. My parents insist that the first word I said as a child was "horse" and I have no reason to doubt them. Horses are a much a part of me as my heart, soul, and personality. That is what I have discovered about most "horse people". It doesn't mean that they make their living with horses; it means that they can't live without them. And in most cases, with fond memories and a tear in their eye, horse people love to tell the story of their "special horse," the horse that changed their life.

Horse people usually have to have a real job to finance their addiction to horses. For me, that job is photography. I'm a portrait photographer and artist. Thankfully, opportunity now allows me to combine my greatest love with my career. This book is about the horses that, for whatever reason, hold a special place in the hearts of my subjects. My job is to tell that story both in word and portraiture. Tell me about that special horse, and I'll tell the world.

"I can't think of another soul who could have produced this book. Vaughn Wilson is a passionate horseman, skilled photographer, talented painter and the type of interviewer who doesn't get in the way of a good story. If you like horses and horse people, you'll love this book."
by Darrell Dodds, Publisher, Western Horseman Magazine.

"A book that will captivate horse lovers, with intimate interviews of a very diverse group of people. Beautifully illustrated with paintings and photography by Vaughn Wilson."
Robert Miller, DVM. Renowned speaker and author on horse behavior and Natural Horsemanship

Vaughn Wilson's "Tell Me About That Horse" has captured the essence of "The Horseman" as opposed to a "Rider". A horse can look into your eyes and see straight thru' your heart. It\u2019s a special feeling, A bond like no other. The touch of your hands tells him exactly what kind of a human being you are. Vaughn has interviewed, photographed, and painted a wide variety of great horsemen. >From poets to rodeo queens, actors to radio personalities, ropers, reiners, cutters and shooters. What they all have in common is the love of a great horse. It doesn't matter if he's a $300 pony, a finely-bred cutting horse, a Morgan, an Icelandic, or a trail Horse, once a special horse touches your heart, you're hooked. What a beautiful relationship. What a great read!
Lynn Anderson, Grammy Award winning singer and expert horsewoman.

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