Tell Me About That Horse The Book by Author & Artist, Vaughn Wilson

About The Book

Tell Me About That Horse by Author & Artist, Vaughn Wilson

"Tell Me About That Horse" is a beautiful tribute to cherished horses that have inspired, encouraged and entertained their owners. Featuring the stunning art and photography of Vaughn Wilson, this book shares intimate profiles of devoted horse lovers and the horses that influenced their lives.

-Winner of the 2011 Will Rogers Medallion Award.
-Finalist for the American Horse Publications Book of the Year,
-Finalist for the New Generation/Indie Book Awards Coffee Table book of the year.

"Masterfully done, this collection of personal memories opens the hearts of folks we've long admired. A list of western celebrities that reads like a Cowboy Who's Who, invites us on a journey to the past as they tell a tale of a special horse - a horse that made a difference.
Author Vaughn Wilson's soulful photographs and paintings are the sunrise - and it's the stories in his work, Tell Me About That Horse, that warm our hearts enough to melt the winter snow. In his own words, Cowboy Hall of Fame Rodeo Announcer, Bob Tallman, talks about the horse he most admires, the mare, Spring Fling, Saddle Bronc Horse of the Year in 2000. "She was the kind of horse that if she bucks you off, you tip your hat to her when you get up because you accepted the challenge, and she just beat you. That's not a failure. She just beat you. There's no shame in losing to such a superior opponent."
Julie Kosmata Elliott, The Cowboy Bookseller Two Ocean Books - Dubois, Wyoming

"Tell Me About That Horse" will warm the hearts of its readers and
add beauty to any table upon which it is displayed.

Here's just a sample of the stories you'll read.....:

Trevor Brazile

Trevor Brazile

7 time World Champion All Around Cowboy

How did All-Around Champion, Trevor Brazile, take a horse with a barrel full of quirks and bad habits and turn him into one of the greatest calf roping horses of all time?

Clinton Anderson

Trainer & Cinician

Clinton has worked with thousands of horses in his career. Can a man who has worked with so many horses look back and recall one very special horse that stands out above the others?

Clinton Anderson

Charlie Daniels

Charlie Daniels

Musician & Entertainer

Charlie is a big guy. What kind of horse can haul him around his ranch all day without breaking a sweat…and what nickname would he give such a special horse?

Allen Pogue


This trainer got into training trick horses almost by accident, and one special horse helped him become the world-renowned trainer that he is today.

Allen Pogue

Some of The People Featured in this book:

-Barry Corbin

-Red Steagall

-Clinton Anderson

-Rick Lamb

-Charlie Daniels

-Trevor Brazile

-Dusty Rogers

-Clark McEntire

-Roy Cooper

-Baxter Black

-Sherri Mell

-Orren Mixer

-Pam Minick

-John Lyons

-Clint Haverty

-Bob Kingsley

-Joe Camp

-Don Edwards

-Geno D'Ambrose

-Donna Howell-Sickles

-Michael Martin Murphey

-Lindy Burch


And Many Others!!

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